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To survive on the Internet, promoting your web site and even making sales is not enough! If you'd like to see bigger and more consistent profits, there is one more thing that you absolutely must do right now!

You can increase your profits dramatically and lower your marketing costs at the same time, by adding just one simple technique to your marketing arsenal!

Introducing . . .

The step-by-step guide to using ethical and responsible email marketing that all the big boys and girls are using right now to make their profits skyrocket, without ever using spam!


Using "spam" will get you in a whole lot of trouble before you can even make a penny. But . . . what these big boys and girls are using is responsible email marketing without spamming or getting in trouble with their service providers. It's also known as "permission email marketing."

Almost all the major companies (the smart ones anyway) are using it. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon.com, Yahoo, as well as all the marketing gurus are using responsible email marketing for one simple reason. It works! And it generates profits immediately and consistently!

Many newcomers to Internet Marketing find out eventually that in order to survive and make a profit online, they absolutely must use responsible email marketing. Without it, they usually cannot generate enough income from their businesses to break even, let alone make a profit.

There are, of course, clear cut rules that need to be followed when using responsible email marketing. If you don't follow these rules, you can very easily be accused of spamming. And that can cause you a lot of trouble!

Our company, along with several of our clients, have been successfully using email marketing to grow our profits exponentially! And as a result, over the years, we have broken this entire process down to a science. Like a finely-tuned, smooth-running profit machine.

This ebook (electronic book) "E-mail Strategies Explained" has been sold by the thousands and various new as well as seasoned marketers have used the ebook to increase their own profits while lowering their marketing costs.

About The "Email Strategies Explained" Manual

So, what exactly will you discover when you read this handy instruction manual on email marketing?

Here's just a partial list of what you'll find in the ebook:

  • How to build your own high-quality "targeted" e-mail lists to squeeze every ounce of profits out of your marketing dollars. (An absolute must for any business. It does not matter what your product or service is.)
  • Discover why every marketing technique eventually boils down to "effective e-mail marketing." (Learn this and it will multiply the success rate of all your marketing efforts, no matter which marketing technique you're using!)
  • How to quickly build your business using responsible and ethical e-mail marketing - absolutely risk-free! Start seeing profits almost immediately.
  • How to eliminate the three most lethal, and costly mistakes that everyone else is making! (And how you can turn this around and use it to your advantage! Most marketers are flushing their profits down the drain!)
  •  How to use e-mail marketing responsibly and ethically so you never get in trouble with your customers or your Internet Service Provider! (We'll explain the process step-by-step. Without it, you could get in a whole lot of trouble!)
  • Use a simple technique that will get people to willingly give you their e-mail addresses and welcome future commercial mailings from you.
  • How to turn a lot more of your web site visitors into loyal, repeat customers!
  • How to create an e-mail sales message that gets their attention and makes them buy! (There are some basic, yet crucial, steps to creating an effective sales message. If you miss any of these steps, your sales message may end up in the recycle bin.)
  • How to dramatically increase the response rate of your offer by making one simple change to your email message.
  • How to build the kind of relationship with your customers that other companies only dream about! Turn new prospects into loyal, lifetime, repeat customers!
  • Where to go to get inexpensive, and even free e-mailing software.
  • How to start receiving orders from customers within a few days, and sometimes within just a few minutes, instead of waiting up to 2 weeks for a response.
  • How to automate your business so you spend less time working on it. (This is an absolute must if you want to have control over your business, and your life!)
  •  Find out in detail, what the difference is between responsible email marketing and "spam." This is a very important lesson and it can save you a lot of time, effort as well as frustration.
  • And more . . .

But here's the best part . . .

If you're using some marketing techniques right now that are producing good results for you, you can super-charge those techniques by adding the email marketing strategies to them. It's just like giving an adrenaline shot to all your marketing techniques! I am not kidding!

And now, to answer your biggest question . . . the cost of this extensive email marketing course is just $15

You can download the entire package today...right now...and start using it to build your business and cut your costs.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

You can learn about these amazing techniques now and start increasing your profits quickly, or you can wait for your competitors to get it first and steal your customers from you.

You can have the entire marketing system in your possession today, within just a few minutes!

And then . . . relax. Take your time and carefully go through the manual and bonuses. Try out all the techniques and then tell me what you think.

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You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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P.S. For the price of one dinner out, you can get your hands on some amazingly powerful marketing secrets. Just one of the techniques alone is worth more than the purchase price!

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