If you've wanted to make money online, or use the net to get more customers or clients for your existing offline business, I want to ask you one question...

If you could start your own online business,
in just a week or two,
with very low expenses to get started and benefit from my experience...

Would you do it?

If you said yes, I've got some good news for you.

From: yeo at diyparadise
1st May 2007

Dear friend,

Yes, you really can get your own Internet business started in just a few weeks. It's a lot simpler than you might think. Read on.

The above chart shows my sales over 5 years. As you can see, I started my online business like most folks... clueless. And the sale shows.

Then I read a lot about marketing online, adopted some strategies and slowly but surely, the sales just rocked!

It took me about 2 years, wandering aimlessly before I got my act together. Question is, do you want to waste your time like this? Or benefit from my experience? I wish I had some help back then!

Ask yourself this.

Where do I want to be in three to five years time?

What kind of lifestyle do I want to live?

What kind of money do I want to be earning?

Are you with me? And if you want to start your business, wouldn't you want to start off right? With effective, proven and successful techniques? Look at the sales figure above again. Start right!

First of all, if you have been to my site before, you'll realize I have been running diyparadise.com for over 5 years now. Been selling my own designs as well as distributing other folks' products.

I need to point this out to you. I'm definitely not one of those guys who just popped out of nowhere with nary any web prescence but now touting to be the "guru" in online business. And charging you hundreds of dollars for his e-book! (which happens to be the only thing he has ever sold online)

Neither am I here to fleece you your money as I'm doing this only on the sideline. Remember, I already have a successful Internet business.

So why am I putting up this letter?


From time to time, as my site gets more exposure, I get emails from folks like you asking about how to do an online business. Apparently, many would like to add another income stream besides their current paycheck.

However, many have been stung, led by charlatans touting the "latest and great online business scheme ever".

I know that as I too have been doing some reading on Internet marketing. Therefore it's not suprising that smart folks now prefer to approach someone who has really done it.

There is an archaic German word: erfahrung, which means "knowledge based on actual experience" --- the real stuff--- rather than knowledge "read from some book". And this is what I could bring you.

Bismarck once said

"Fools say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by others' experience."


So if you plan to do an online business
Better learn from someone who has been there, done it all,
as well as made all the mistakes,
and learn from him.

And what's the biggest problem of most people with an online business?

Starting it.

Most are just paralyzed with fear. Don't know which business to do. Don't know what to sell. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown.

Yes, that's the truth.

The majority don't do it because they don't even try.

They don't try because they think it's too complicated, or it will take too long, or it will be too expensive to get started or they don't know enough about business or or or...

But is any of that true? Surely it takes a big investment to get started?

Assuming you already have an Internet connection, you can start an online business with less than $50 a year for everything you need to get started. Heck, I'll evven show you how to do it for free!

Yes. Really.

And that's assuming you don't just sell on eBay and skip the whole website thing entirely...

What about software? Isn't that expensive?

Some is, sure. But you can get everything you need to create very high-quality products for free. Everything from powerful graphics software to a professional-level office package and all the rest. Free.

It's got to be complicated!

It can be more complicated than that, but it doesn't have to be. The whole process sounds scary but if you tackle it bit by bit, bite sized, nothing is too complicated.

What if after I do all the work, yet no one visits? And no sales?

There's the marketing part to it. There are ways to approach this and I'll share with you what is the conventional method to accomplish this as well as what worked for me. Yes, again, we are talking about successful, real life, proven, experience here!

But what about getting paid and getting the product to my customers?

Here's the most basic model. You create a web page for your sales letter. Something like the one you're reading right now. You put in a link to PayPal or whoever you're using to handle the money.

You can get the software to make those web pages free, too.

When people decide to buy, they click the link and give PayPal the money. Once payment is through, Paypal sends you an email informing you so-and-so paid for xxxx item. The Paypal notification email even includes the shipping address. Then you ship the product to the customer.

You are now in business.

It really can be that simple.

What If I Don't Know What to Sell?

You can do a lot of different things to make money online. You can:

  • Create an information site and make money off ads.

  • Design and sell your own stuffs.

  • Market products other people create for you

  • Partner whoever who has the smarts to create stuffs.

  • Use free teleconference lines to do consulting

  • Publish a newsletter

  • Run a regional specific site particular to your niche

  • Apply what you'll learn here and bring it online for others!

... and a lot more. There are tools and systems available to fit every preference. The Internet gives you access to people of every professional and personal interest you can think of. That makes it almost certain that anyone can make a living online, if they'll just find out what some group wants and offer it to them.

How Do I Get Started?

Assuming you really want to start your own business online, you have two options at this point.

You've just seen the absolute basics. With what you've read, you could hit the search engines and eventually figure out what to do and what order to do it in.

You don't really need me to get started. But I can save you weeks of research, months of experimentation and years of lost revenue!

And I can hand you a few hard-won tips that you'll only get from someone who's actually created and sold a lot products online.

I've put together a little manual, about 70 pages, that will show you exactly what you need to do to get started in your own online business - fast.

It includes:

  • Tips on the mindset and processes you need to understand before you even get started. These are as important to your success as your choice of products.

  • The 5-Step process you need to follow to get from starting out to getting the whole website done and actually making money.

  • Many business ideas, selling information, physical products, membership sites, forums etc. There are just so many ways to do business online!

  • A resource list that gives you links to all the free software I mentioned earlier and then some, along with some excellent paid resources that will help you as you get more experienced.

  • What you must include in every sales site - and what will kill your sales without you ever knowing.

  • A quick and simple system for writing sales letters that actually sell.

  • Using software to implement the right techniques to improve sales.

  • And much more.

The book is called "Start Your Online Business," and it's just that. Everything you need to start your own business on the Internet, and to get it into profit fast.

There are people out there making fortunes using nothing but what you'll discover in this book. Almost everyone I know who's making real money online got started using one or more of the systems you'll find in those 70 pages.

So, what would it be worth to you to have this kind of a head start on the game?

Seriously. What would it be worth? How long do you think it would take to find the parts of this that you can find using a search engine, and then putting them in the right order?

How much more money do you think you can make, and how much faster, by knowing what to watch out for in advance? And knowing the simple things you can do that will dramatically speed up your business growth?

Would it be worth ... $15?

Yep. That's it. You can get the "Start Your Online Business" system and the resource list showing which free programs will actually do the work you need done, and where you can get them, for a whopping $15.

Why so low when most books on starting an online business retails way higher? $47, $97 etc?

Remember, I already have a successful online business selling real products. I don't need to sell this book to make a living, unlike those guys.

So I can afford to. Remember, I'm not making this up or rehashing some BS, I went through this whole process!

To sweeten the deal, for a limited time only, there'll be freebies and special discounts thrown in as well. In essence, you are getting access to a system of information of which I'll add on from time to time. Where and how to get them, is described in this book.

Get Your Copy Now For Only

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P.S. Seriously, for just $15 I'll teach you all that you need to know to Start Your Online Business. How can you pass on that?

P.P.S. Look at graph at top of page again. I spent 2 years before learning how to do things right. Is your 2 years worth more than $15?

Remember: The biggest reason most people don't make money online is that they never get started.

Get started today. And let me know when you get your first order. I want to celebrate with you!