WordPress and Adsense

If you have started using WordPress, you may find that it doesn’t like Javascript in the body of your posts.

This is not a problem for normal sites but if you want to make money through your blogs, then it is a HUGE problem, as you can’t post the Adsense links on your site.

You see, Google Adsense works this way. You sign up with them, then you log into your account and create those Javascripts and paste these code on your HTML webpages to display the ads. Google will scan the text on your website and determine the relevant ads to display. And when your site visitors see these ads, by clicking on them, Google pays you. Easy eh?

So you REALLY want your Adsense code to work with WordPress. But how?

Fortunately, there are so many WordPress Plugins available. These plugins are even free to download! Really, got to thank these guys.

Here’s 2 which I have used.

AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin by Acme Technologies Zeitgeist.

Adsense Injection by Biggnuts.com (what a name!).

So just install the plugin (install just one), do the customization to your liking and you are ready to go!

The beauty of using WordPress and Adsense is that, by just setting it up right, you don’t have to think about the Adsense code anymore. Also, should you need to edit the Adsense script (like change the colour, the ad size etc), you only have to do it once. This beats having to edit every blog!

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