Business Partner?

Ever since I started, I have been approached countless times for joint ventures, partnership etc.

All this is fine but there were a couple of times which got me thinking hard. Imagine this proposition.

“I’ll manage and do the marketing for you. You just have to concentrate on the design and production. I’ll give you 10%”

If you enjoy Dilbert, I’m sure you’ll find yourself relating to the various humorous situations in office life. Especially if you have a bonehead manager.

The last chapter of this book, Scott Adams talked about OA5 – Out at 5, where all office work ends at 5. Something I’m not really sure of especially in an Asian context!

I’m proposing to do a bit better than this. Instead of the usual top-down hiearchy (where we have CEO-General Manager-Manager…), I prefer a flat organization chart.

For example, Monica is my product. So I have full control of inventory, cost, manufacturing, production, selling price etc.

I roped in a new business partner, vt4c, in developing Charlize and he is in charge of everything related to Charlize, inventory, cost, manufacturing etc.

The latest business partner will be Mr Ew of fame, with his product Maggie.

Just 3 business partners, each with his products. Simple eh?

The beauty of such a scheme is that you take care only of the stuff you are most familiar with.
Your skill set is better utilized this way.
Also, as you have invested money and effort into making the product, there is no problem with “morale” and “motivation” here.

I know such a scheme is only applicable to small companies and may not be entirely practical in your company but do spare a thought. Perhaps all it needs is just some tweaking to suit your needs.

Surely this sounds better than the useless plug — “I’ll manage for you”. 🙂

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