Why I can’t get rich on the Internet

If you haven’t started the Adsense program and pulling in visitors, making some money, you’ll notice that not all ads make the same amount. There are days where one click yieldss 20 cents, while there are days where one click yields 60 cents or even more.

This is where I’m convinced I can’t make money. I’m also convinced that the folks who really make money on Adsense are those “selling the idea of making a lot of money on the Internet”. Basically Adsense gurus tetaching you how to make money with Adsense!

Why do I say so?

Well, the Yahoo Search Marketing Resource Center tells me so.

Go to this page, and click on “View Bids Tool”. You’ll see a little window. Type in the keywords and see how much money advertisers bid for the keywords.

For diyparadise, as my niche is audio stuffs, typing in
– “diy audio” sees highest bid of 26 cents.
– “amplifier” sees highests bid of about $1.
– “dac” sees highest bid of about 75 cents. (analog-digital-converter goes up to $2!)
– “speaker”, about 78 cents.

The above is my niche and since advertisers bid so little for these words, after the middlemen takes his cut (Google or Yahoo), I’m left with peanuts. 🙁

On the other hand, “internet marketing” yields up to $4.75!

Get my point?

So if you want to develop websites just to rake in money, it’s vital to check out these tool.

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