Remember, WordPress is Free!

Yes, folks, remember this: WordPress is Free.

Not only it is free, a search on Google gives you so much info on everything you need to know about WordPress. If you encountered any problem with WordPress, chances are someone else has already done so and have found a fix for it. Although I’m only one month old with regards to using WordPress, you can see that I have gone quite far with it!

Why do I have to remind you that it’s free? For 2 reasons.

1. There are so many “internet marketers” selling e-books on how to use WordPress to do internet marketing. I have nothing against them making money but EVERYTHING you need to know is just a Google search away. Yes, EVERYTHING. Look at my blog! I’m already doing everything (almost everything!) the internet marketers advocate and I learned everything on the Net. After all, we are talking about Open Source here. Even all those nifty WordPress Plugins are Free as well!

2. Second reason. Building a superb website is sooooooo easy. Much easier than using Frontpage, or whatever Web Editor you have with you. In fact, WordPress has so much automation built in, you just need to set it up ONCE and it’ll apply all the changes throughout your blog. Hey, Frontpage can’t do that okay? 🙂

To illustrate further how easy it is, when I find the time, I’ll write in a series of blogs on how to build a site from scratch with WordPress. Well, if I find sufficient interest, I’ll start. If you are interested in this, let me know!

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