Start an Online Business Store with Zero Down!

When I first started, the only free hostings are from Geocities and Tripod. Of course, once your site reaches a particular bandwidth, they prevent access. So you have very limited bandwidth to play with, thus not very useful at all.

Today, we have this useful service by Google – Here are a few pros and cons.

  • You still get to use part of your chosen name in the domain. I created one before I installed WordPress here and it’s at The domain belongs to Blogger. This is still a much better name than say
  • No, you can’t use WordPress but Blogger has done a very good job. You have many templates to choose from and with a little of customizing, your site will look very professional.
  • Also, should you desire to have your own domain name and hosting one day, importing ALL your material to WordPress only takes minutes. Complete with date, time and comments.
  • Yes, we’ll be creating blogs instead of plain vanilla HTML but it’s much easier to maintain when you have lots of pages.
  • Best part is, as Blogger is owned by Google, your site is automatically indexed by Google! Thus much easier and faster to attract traffic. This has to be the best advantage of using Blogger.
  • Lastly, like WordPress, many bloggers have written hacks on how to further customize your Blogger blog. They require more messing with techie stuffs unlike the WordPress plugins but at least some functions are available should you desire them.

Thus you could start your site right away, without any knowledge of HTML. From registration to getting it up and running only takes 5 minutes. Recommended browser here is definitely Firefox.

Start your online business store right away!

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