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Sad State of Affairs in Malaysia

I was forwarded this article. It’s sad but it’s so true.

The irony of all this is that, Malaysia is one of the best countries in the world to live in. Free from natural calamaties, with great food and great people all around. However, the people in power, are always capable of the most absurb acts ever. If you have been reading the local newspaper for the past one month, you can safely say we have reached a new LOW.

Feel free to read this. I’m sure those in power will argue against this article but read it from a neutral’s perspective.

While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry

USB Convertor and a SMD Soldering Tutorial

Hate soldering surface mount components?

Maybe you don’t know the real easy technique.

My latest product is a USB Convertor kit. Instead of using a sound card, just plug in this little device to your USB port, and you’ll be able to access the audio data.

Though it has an internal DAC, its sound quality isn’t that inviting to me, so I’d rather use it as a USB convertor instead. Converting to SPDIF (standard CDP digital output data) or I2S which is an interface to DAC chips.

Visit the USB Convertor page for more info. There’s even a SMD soldering tutorial to illustrate how to solder SMD.

Real Man don’t use Trucks

This looks like Vietnam. You got to give them credit for ingenuity!

Invest in musicians

This is awesome, truly awesome.

Are you sick of all those reality “idol” shows? If you are, then this could be the thing for you.

This is the scenario. Say you really enjoy the performance of some musicians and believe he/she/them are going to be the “next big thing”. So how are you going to support them? Merely buying a few of their CDs won’t help much. Would like to help them distribute their music but don’t have the reach of the big boy companies?

No problem! Just invest in increments of USD10. If the musician is truly good, then there should be many like minded folks like you who invest in them. Once the figure reaches USD50k, they’ll get access to recording studio, professional production, song-writing and marketing expertise.

Sounds good? If you wonder what’s in it for you, well if you invested USD10 in U2 back when they were first starting out, can you imagine how much would that be worth today? 😀

Sell a Band

More specifically, you (the investor) will be getting a free copy of the CD, a cut of the CD sales and a share in the advertising revenue generated for the site, Sellaband keeps 40 percent of any music publishing revenue, but none of the recording proceeds.

Interesting? You can also treat it as a form of investment!

Now why didn’t I think of this great idea?

Bootstrapping? Growing your business from scratch

First term I read this term, it sounded like just another fancy term.

In electronic parlance, bootstrapping is more like “feedback”.

However, there was this article I read which teaches me a different meaning to this term.

I define “Bootstrapping” as the act of starting a business with little or no external funding. Bootstrappers don’t write lengthy business plans, chase deep-pocketed investors, or indulge in overly academic market research exercises. Instead, they focus all of their considerable energy, brainpower, determination and skills on creating a business that can actually succeed in the real world.

Read the whole article here.

This site is pretty interesting as well and there’s even a page showing successful “bootstrappers”.

Well, since I didn’t get any funding for my business and just grew from there, so this technically makes me a “bootstrapper” too. 🙂 Nice…

All in all, I agree with this article. Take it slowly. Learn, improvise, adapt to the ever changing environment. As long as you are not spending someone else’s money, there won’t be pressure on you to yield to their demands. Why heck, you can take the “ethical/moral” high ground any time you like and refuse business with unsavoury characters. That’s power, my friend!
I assure you, it’s a fun journey!