Geez, I work so Hard to get an email into your Inbox…

On May 20, I sent out this newsletter to my err, newsletter subscribers.

Some “bright” folks don’t treat email marketing seriously and send out conspicuous emails to their customer list, like every other day.

Well, it’s alright if you have all the powerful high value information for them but even then, it’s wise to give them time to digest all the info.

On the other hand, over a one year period, I have only sent out 4 (FOUR!) newsletter emails. Because if it doesn’t bring much value, then no point sending them.

Visit the links below and see for yourself how much work I have to do just to justify sending an email into your Inbox!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, go to the e-store, create an account and opt to subscribe the newsletter.

Oh yeah, did I mention these tweaks are mega powerful?



—- newsletter email ——-

hi diyers

i believe by now you should have read this article on how to improve your diyparadise products? and thus your sonics?

if you haven’t… what are you waiting for?!

if you have, there is a follow-up article.

whereby i continue the theme with bnc connectors for spdif input at your monica.

and, building THE recommended power supply for monica.

have tested against 3 types of regulators and it seems that no regulator sounds as good as what we have now.

go ahead. read it.

try it in your system and let me know how it goes.

discuss this on the forum too.

best of all, have fun!


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