Thanks for the flowers!

I was really surprised by the elicit exclamations of “approval” to this article I posted 2 months ago. Bruce Lee and Our DIY Audio Journey. Have a read there if you haven’t.

Here are my comments.

I may have not written well enough but it is my intention to spread the message to audiophiles not to concentrate on the technology of music. Just focus on the end result. It’s much better this way. Here’s another quote from another famous Chinese which perfectly describes what I meant.

It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long it catches mice

— Deng Xiao Ping

Also I meant to say that throughout our audio journey, the more we learn, the more we unlearn. Somewhere along the journey, we’ll discard thoughts that we held close to our hearts. Somewhere along the journey, we’ll embrace stuffs we thought we’ll hate dreadfully.

So it just doesn’t make sense to hold on to a strong set of beliefs that certain technologies or components is superior to the rest. You just lose out in the long run. Be open minded. Be receptive to new ideas.

Unfortunately such a simple idea got some very strong comments as you could read on the site.

I thank the folks who defended what I wrote and what I stand for.

For those who criticize the article, thanks for taking your time to read and share your thoughts.

Another guy mentioned that we build our products to certain price points. This isn’t true. We just build the best we could at the time. You know we are always learning so naturally, later on, we’ll improve on our products but we don’t set a price point and build around it. Look at my Monica DAC. I spent thousands just to purchase enough Black Gates caps for the output. Do you know of any manufacturer who offers such Black Gates caps in his offerings? Even in this day knowing that they are now out of production? At any price point?

There was one guy still asking about how to build his own LDR volume control. I thought I did a basic explanation on this. All about Volume Control. I’m sorry if I’m not thorough enough.

However, this diy audio site has all the info you need.

Lastly, Thanks for the flowers!

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