looking back at 2009…

wow! another year goes back just like that! actually 2009 just whizzed back to me.

2009 has been a disappointment for me. so many things i wanted to do but accomplished so little.

the usb-eiaj module, the spdif-eiaj module were supposed to be ready this year but got stuck. got the pcb built but couldn’t work! spent quite some time debugging but just couldn’t find anything wrong. sigh…

every other product seems to have little problems of its own too. developed and got the 6 channel beyonce working. wanted to incorporate the apple remote control as the blaupunkt remote isn’t exactly quality stuff. over time, the flexible pcb just doesn’t get so flexible anymore… after a few days of scratching my head, finally got it working but now couldn’t get it to repeat nicely. it either loops till the end or doesn’t do anything at all. so near yet so far!

i guess all of this have to do with just less time for myself. for the past few years, on and off, i have had the opportunity to work from home, interspersed by occasional out-of-town trips, but since the company that i work for have been bought over by our much bigger rival, you bet things will change!

and changed it did. we lost so many good guys. retrenchment, layoff, work force management, cut cost… whatever you call it, we lost so many guys. those that were left behind just got their work load doubled, or even tripled. and with new management and new colleagues, came new challenges!

all this meant that i devoted more time to my day job than before, thus leaving less time for diyparadise.

and with this new company, came a few new policies. though i love cars, i have not owned a car for the past 3 years as my wife and i could get by with just one car. but no chane of that now! got to get a car for my own use and i ended up getting a 20 year old merc, which has its occasional tantrum and requires lots of my attention, t l c and also some wads of cash. sigh…

so all in all, 2009 just whizzed back too quickly. so much to do, so much wanted to accomplish but so little time. and all this to the detriment of diyparadise.

well, the year wasn’t really wasted. on a personal level, began paying more attention to food and own health. do visit my blog here, http://bleedinggumsmurphy.blogspot.com

anyway, i’m just hoping 2010 will be better but need to adopt a few changes first!

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