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Generating links to your blogs via Tags

This is a fantastic tool!

Say you wrote 100 pages on baking chesse cakes. Then a friend came over and asked specifically for chocolate cheese cakes only. What do you do?

If you have a static site, with bare HTML, you’ll have to go to every link and look for them.
If you use blogging software like WordPress and those wonderful plugins that utilize Tags, if you set them up right, it’s all just one click away!

See those words at the bottom of every blog? These are tags. When I was writing this blog, I filled in the tags section: “tags, wordpress, ultimate tag warrior”.

Thus by clicking on wordpress, you’ll be brought to all blogs written with the tag – wordpress.

Thus when you write blogs about cheese cakes, it’ll be a good idea to have tags with the keywords of the said blog. This way, with just one click on the appropriate tag, you’ll be brought to all the blogs of the same topic.

Why is this so powerful? It saves me all the trouble of linking my articles. All this automation leaves me more time to blog! 😀

There are so many such Tag Plugins for WordPress. The one I’m using now is called Ultimate Tag Warrior by Christine Davies. Since it works so well, I wouldn’t argue with that! 🙂

WordPress and Adsense

If you have started using WordPress, you may find that it doesn’t like Javascript in the body of your posts.

This is not a problem for normal sites but if you want to make money through your blogs, then it is a HUGE problem, as you can’t post the Adsense links on your site.

You see, Google Adsense works this way. You sign up with them, then you log into your account and create those Javascripts and paste these code on your HTML webpages to display the ads. Google will scan the text on your website and determine the relevant ads to display. And when your site visitors see these ads, by clicking on them, Google pays you. Easy eh?

So you REALLY want your Adsense code to work with WordPress. But how?

Fortunately, there are so many WordPress Plugins available. These plugins are even free to download! Really, got to thank these guys.

Here’s 2 which I have used.

AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin by Acme Technologies Zeitgeist.

Adsense Injection by (what a name!).

So just install the plugin (install just one), do the customization to your liking and you are ready to go!

The beauty of using WordPress and Adsense is that, by just setting it up right, you don’t have to think about the Adsense code anymore. Also, should you need to edit the Adsense script (like change the colour, the ad size etc), you only have to do it once. This beats having to edit every blog!

The 21st Century Way to Build a Web Site

Man, let me tell you how embarassed I am. 😳

I have been building websites since 1996, and have always coded in hard-core HTML. Nope, no Frontpage, no Web Editor blah blah blah. Just a simple text editor and bare HTML code.

With this, I have done a couple of sites as well as my main site, Which has been fine all along but as you want to add more features, then things start to wear down on me.

For example, isn’t it cool if site visitors could leave some comments? Isn’t it cool to be able to change the whole outlook of your site by just a Click? Isn’t it cool to be able to make changes to every page automatically instead of doing it page by page?

Well, with basic HTML, to do comments, you’ll need to learn some CGI script, and possibly some Perl or Javascript to parse the comments around. If all this sound like Greek to you, it’s worse than that!

So in order to progress, I HAVE to do something.

So began my journey into WordPress.

It’s primarily used for web publishing, especially web logs — popularly known as blogs.

Dang, after I started using this, it’s so easy! The customization tools are so cool as well! Now I could…

– by just one click, change the template on all the pages/blogs. Yes! Just one click!
– automate insertion of Google Adsense scripts. I don’t have to toy around with those Javascript any more!
– automatically create links to related topics on this site via tags. See the little tags at the bottom of every blog? Yeah, just a click and it’ll show you all the related blogs on this tag.

I could go on and on!

I’m really embarassed it took me so long to jump on the WordPress wagon! 😥

Making money online – How to

So you heard about those folks making tons of money online and wondering why aren’t you in it as well? See the Google ads on this page? I’m in it as well!

No, no, no, I certainly don’t make tons out of this. Just a couple of dollars a day. Definitely not in the league of those folks creaming hundreds dollars a day!

Much has been said about this topic that I don’t have to repeat here. My friend here has done a site on this as well.

To Live Online

Read about it. After reading this site, come back and I’ll show you my journey along the way.