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Improved Merrill DCA4 and DCA5.5 loudspeaker drivers!

Late 2009, I bought the rights to the excellent sounding Merrill DCA drivers of which there are 2 models, DCA4 and DCA5.5. If you have ever listened to them, you’ll realize these are great sounding drivers, hence I have no problem ploughing down money to buy the rights. I blogged in the past about why the rights was for sale..

Anyway, after buying the rights, I was surprised to learn that the factory producing these drivers have closed down. Imagine my disappointment! I asked and asked around but couldn’t make any headway.

Well, needless to say, it took me quite a while and to make a long story short… I finally found the factory and they are still in operation! Well, this is after many expensive international phone calls. Fortunately they could understand my gibberish Mandarin.

After a visit to the factory in Shenzhen and procuring some samples, I requested the factory not only to reproduce these drivers but to improve them.

IMHO, to nitpick, the disadvantage of these drivers is the stamped frame which is not surprising at this price point. To get something better, meaning if you want better frames, expect to pay a lot more (how about at least 3x? or show me a cast alloy frame driver at this price point!).

Fortunately the factory could fulfill my request and since we eliminate the middle man here (I used to get the drivers from twobaldguys), not only I could offer you alloy cast frame but at a cheaper price too!

For more detail and specs of the drivers, visit the main site.

To order, visit the e-store.

I bought the rights to the Merrill DCA speaker drivers but…

Have been dabbling in diy audio for more than 10 years now. When I first started, I was already keen on high sensitivity drivers but choices are… let’s say I have better chance of finding a virgin in a crowded university disco club!

But over the years, we have been served a platter of various choices. Some are excellent, some are memorable while many are passable.

And the one that has value-over-price ratio screaming off the charts is none other than the excellent Merrill DCA speaker drivers.

Over here at diyparadise, we are lucky we got to know of Dave Merrill who, sadly, passed away too young. Before he passed on, Dave handed over the rights of the drivers to his friends, Harry and Kent from twobaldguysaudio.

So twobaldguysaudio have been carrying the torch for the Merrill DCA drivers for the past few years. Then we came in as we took over the international distribution of the drivers as we have been set up to deliver worldwide (where Fedex would go). It helps that one of our business partners have known Dave and has tried his design over the years.

Fast forward mid 2009, diyparadise acquired the rights to the Merrill DCA drivers, having been approached by twobaldguysaudio.

And we have big plans for the drivers!

But fast forward today… we hit a snag.

We are almost sold out of the DCA4 but we couldn’t re-order them. The factory that makes them has gone bust! twobaldguysaudio were caught surprised too as this is something they didn’t anticipate either. To make matters worse, Dave Merrill didn’t leave the construction plans of the drivers.

So we are in a quandry now.

We still have lots of DCA5.5 so plans for this driver could still be set in motion but for DCA4, we got to hang on first.

I hope this explains clearly what happened to these excellent drivers. We really wish we could offer more DCA4s for now but until we could get this production issue sorted out, we are keeping our fingers crossed!