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Schumann Resonator reviewed

Remember I experimented with a Schumann resonator some time ago? That was in January 2011, almost a year ago! Well, I didn’t do much with it, except built a few for friends and customers to “play” with. ¬†One of those Schumanns I sent to a friend and later… he reviewed it for the local paper – If the Schu fits.

Suddenly, I got this deluge of emails! Many questions, many requests… The timing is kind of off as I don’t happen to have any unit at the moment (except the one permanently residing in the bedroom). The timing is off as I’m busy prototyping a new DAC which is very very interesting…

Anyway, feel free to read the review and the article on my site, both linked above. My Schumann article also references the 6moons review where the Acoustic Revive’s version is the subject of the review. The idea of bifilar windings on the PCB I got from the AR version.

Not surprisingly, there is a clone of my design! It’s built exactly the same, same PCB layout, same circuit… the only difference is that their PCB has 4 mounting holes while mine has 2. These guys even have the cheek to advertise it for sale.

Hey, 7.83Hz isn’t that difficult. Can’t think of other circuits?