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ProAC Response 2.5 Group buy

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I should have high light this much earlier. This group buy is not for a pair of completed loudspeakers. It is in CKD form.

The main objective of this group buy is to cut cost ::) No elaboration required ;)

The secondary objective is to put up an achievable diy project to lure more enthusiast to leave their couch and do some real work :P

The group buy member gets to enjoy the experience of assembly, minus the saw dust. But opportunity to get high from glue & paint is still present.

In reality, for various reasons, cutting wood/MDF is one major hurdle for most. Hence, to make building achievable. Doing bulk also helps minimise material wastage. Hence, I will organise cabinet panels cut and ready for assembly.

I will publish the cabinet details after we conclude this group buy.

Assembly require labour, diy assembly helps further reduce labor cost and transportation cost.

Soldering of the xo provide another opportunity to pick up of fresh up soldering skill. Don't worry, it takes Herculean effort to go wrong with this.

I will leave the finishing to individual to decide and implement. Also, I don't think the extra expenses for careful packaging justifying.

You can do it with a few pieces of sand paper and some elbow grease, then paint or veneer or soak in oil or anything you fancy.

This is also an excellent opportunity for some to proof they are not NATO member ;)

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the response. I take it that CKD means flats to be assembled by individuals ?

By the way, I had a chance to listen to a pair of PROAC D28, the successor of the D25 who in turn replaced the Response 2.5. Very very nice indeed. I'm tempted. The speakers do mid bass really well, much better than my Diatone. However, jury is still out on the all important vocals. Probably just as nice but my friendly dealer was playing them real loud when I was there, so my impressions might be skewed. He also had the D18 & the D38 which I will get a chance to listen to if he hasn't sold them yet. BTW a pair of D28 is RM20K.

Last night, I was listening to my clone S1 (I think) bought from diyzone years ago real loud too. Sounds mighty fine. I thought it was better than my main rig actually which in turn led to some depressing thoughts on the search goes on...

Hi Joe,
Yes, panel flat pack is the standard arrangement.

About clones... No one will clone lousy stuff... no exception.

The 2.5 is still being clone after all these years does mean something.

Don't forget the clone present the opportunity to custom to your fancies.

People who join this group buy can be generalized into 3 categories

1) "Rich" people... Those who already own a pair, These people learn so much about the Response 2.5 upgrades,  ;D the wanted to mod their loudspeakers but find it too irrational to rib his 5 figure loudspeakers apart. :-\ With a pair of clone, he can even set fire on it   :-*

2) "Clever" people... "God" status loudspeakers DIY-ers. They want to weight their skill and ripping a 20k loudspeakers is cruelty (they too have respect for great loudspeakers). Also to reconfirm the authenticity of the work of  the international loudspeaker gurus Dream Team lead by Dr. Troels Gavensen and others... Then they surely will attemps to put their skill into challanging & beat the result of the dream team  :D

3) "Tasteful Music Lover + Not rich enough + know nuts about audio hifi DIY" people... These desire high quality sound, know little or just enough to be dangerous about Hifi and spending 5 figures on a pair of loudspeakers is a distance dream  :'( and cruel to people around them  >:( .

There are so many options for the builder to customize, in term of sound preference, aesthetic... etc etc... One can produce the original sound, or heavier bass? or better air or go for neutrality. All are well documented...

No matter how the result turn out, they can walk tall and proud in the reign of Audio DIY.!  AND a testament that they are not NATO members.



There the original xo & 6 versions of xo
1) so-call "Chinese version" or the "Hong Kong Version"
2) Troels ver 1
3) Troels ver 2
4) Troels ver 3 (ver 2 + notch filter)
5) Troels Ver 6.I ( with 9500 tweeter, darma coat on woofer dust cap)
6) Troels Ver 6.II ( Remove ferrorfluid of tweeter & darma coat the tweeter cone)
 They are all in Dr. Troels Gavenson's 2.5 Clone paper.
File too big, Can't upload here. PM me if interested in a copy I'll email.




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