Honey, I bought you a jewellery box

Honey, yeah, I bought you a jewellery box. Looks good eh?


Beautiful huh? It's made of rosewood. Glad you like it.


Huh? What's these at the back? I have no idea!


My goodness! There's something inside!


Yikes! It's Monica!


That yeo guy is terrible! I asked for a jewellery box and he sent me Monica!

What? It's okay? What do you mean it's okay? Huh?

Yeah, I got it from that yeo guy from diyparadise. You mean you have heard of that cool guy?

Wow! Wait a minute! You mean it's okay if I got audio stuffs from him but not from my neighbourhood audio store?

Man! You should have told me earlier!

At least I don't have to go through this charade!



Or would you prefer this "conventional marketing drivel"? Courtesy of MKC.

"Expertly constructed in solid aged rosewood, the cabinet showcases painstakingly hand-inlaid brass inserts along with
intricately hand-carved floral features. The decorative tabs found on all corners, as well as the hinges, are of solid brass.
Befitting its smooth silkiness, the Monica2 lies comfortably within ensconced in plush velvet lining."


There you go audio nuts!



How now brown cow?


Update on April 06!

Charlize available in rosewood chassis too!


USD300. Lead time about 2 weeks. Fully handmade.
For a limited time, comes with a Swith Mode Power Supply.

Fedex to USA, USD25.
Fedex to most countries in Europe, USD33.


Update on April 24th!
Sorry, end of free SMPS offer. You are too slow!
SMPS for Charlize (2.5A) available at USD40. Add USD8 for Fedex charges.
SMPS for Monica2 (1.2A) available at USD25. No extra Fedex charges.

So it's USD340 for Charlize and SMPS.
Fedex to USA, USD33.
Fedex to most countries in Europe, USD41.

Monica2 and SMPS for USD325.
Fedex to USA, USD25.
Fedex to most countries in Europe, USD33.


Anodized Aluminium version available as well!