Frequently Asked Question... for those who need it

When can my order be shipped?
We usually ship within 2-3 days upon receiving your order.

Why are some items always out of stock?
We sell too fast.
We can't make enough. Well, at least not fast enough.
Some of our suppliers aren't as nice as we are.
We keep it "out of stock" all the time so that you are under the impression that it must be damn goooooood...

Can you notify me when does product xxx will be back in stock?
Beneath the Sold Out sign, you should see a line which says "To be notified when this product is back in stock please click here.". Click on the link and sign up for the Back In Stock Product Notification option. When this product is back in stock, an email will be sent to notify you of this.

How much is shipping of xxx item to xxx? How much is shipping if I order items A, B and C?
There is a Shipping Estimator near the top left of the page. Place whichever product you are interested in your Shopping Cart then go to the Shipping Estimator and select your country of residence.

Can you under value our package?
We could do so but do understand that all custom duties, VAT etc will be borned by the buyer, which is you.

What if my product has problems?
We'll work with you to find out what is wrong and rectify it. If it is our fault, we will repair for free. If not, we'll charge you for it.

How much do you charge for repairs?
Free if it is our fault.
Not much if it is a minor problem.
A lot if you modified our product and damaged it.
Damn lot if you modified our product, damaged it and yet have the guts to blame us.

What is the warranty of products?
We don't impose a term warranty, say one year. We have absolute confidence our product will withstand many years of usage. If you encounter any problem using our products, please contact us and we'll work together with you to resolve this.

Where else can I find more information?
You could find on the main site, or you could ask us a question via the "Contact Us" tab above or you could also post the question on the forum, of which you need to register first.

Why are you products named so different from other manufacturers?
We name our major products after very beautiful ladies. Well, at least to us anyway.
We name our minor products after rock bands.
Sorry, we have no intention of naming our products after dudes.

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