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Improved Merrill DCA5.5


Both the DCA5.5 and the DCA4 drivers really are very good. With Yeo's improvements they should be much better. Yes the old ones (which I have had for several years) need dampening, but the sound itself is very good. The improved 5.5 driver seems to me to be a very nice compromise regarding the cost vs. performance considerations. I do think that I would have gone to a more robust chassis. In an aperiodic enclosure of 11 litres these drivers are very good. No deep bass, but not particularly lacking when compared to similar sized drivers in a similar sized cabinet. A TL may be interesting to try, or a small horn (particularly for the DCA4s). Don't worry too much about the sensitivity, the impedance curve presents an easy load for most amplifiers, and the lack of a crossover will allow these to play similarly loud to 91dB sensitive drivers with a 2nd order cross-over. There's the beauty of fullrange drivers.
Date Added: 11/28/2011 by stew nelless
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