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Improved Merrill DCA5.5


In my way of thinking these drivers(DCA5.5 improved) would be a bargain at twice the price. I am using them in what I call a 1.1 system. I placed these speakers in old KEF 103.2 cabinets in place of the woofer and took out the tweeter. And it is replacing B&W Nautilus 805's. IMOP the DCA5.5's sound better and more realistic, smother response. My set up is a Yamaha HTR 5590 which sends the freq 90 Hz and below to my Velodyne sub and the rest to the B&W's/ replaced by DCA5.5's. Give a listen to a live band and if your speakers do not sound like the instruments playing you need these 5.5's. 5.5 inch speakers just can not reproduce deep bass thus the sub's and no matter how good drivers B&W makes the sound waves from the woofer and tweeter arrives at your ears at different times and smears the sound of the instrument being played. I'm a future buyer if they can improve on the freq response of the 5.5's but for now they are fantastic. Highly Recommended.
Date Added: 03/08/2017 by William Hutzel
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