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Charlize 2!


We have had the pleasure of experiencing Charlize2 since 10/17/2007.
Boy this Girl is something else.
Her potential seems only to be limited by connected equipment.
We have tried her in different audio systems, and she outperforms all things known to us' available on the market. The Smoothness, clarity, depth of image and detail level is quite amazing. She loves simple speaker Crossovers, and at least 89dB/W/M sensitivity. You can not hear her true potential trough a Vail of electronic components. Less is more, remember! Charlize2 is really a sensitive girl and needs only a 100K pot to adjust volume level connected directly to a DAC Gain Stage or a Cd-player.
Now I can listen to all kinds of music. I can play the hole CD trough now, never done that before. If you like to listen to old recordings, you will be amazed how fantastic they sound played on Charlize2. On Class A/B systems all I've heard anyway, it screams in my ears, it's horrible. But with Charlize2, oh my, the screaming turns to room, and depth. Many musicians not with us today, has been reborn through Charlize2.(Musically speaking)
The only things we have tested that can stand any chance of comparison, is Single End Class-A Mosfet DIY amp with similar wattage output, costing 15-20x for the components only. Not to mention the weight and power consumption of such a system. Also you would need a Single End DIY Preamp, to Run these things properly because of very low Gain.
I have experience in high quality audio since age 14 (35Now). I have listened to numerous systems, Some of them very expensive.
For years I was after school, a part of inventory at the local High-End audio store.
Date Added: 11/28/2007 by Knut-Jonas Nesset
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