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...where we have more fun!

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BS Lee's Foreplay Preamp

BS Lee's Foreplay Preamp
Yeah, folks. Let my friend, BS Lee, here temp you with some "foreplay" before he presents his serious stuff later... he he he... Yeo,

Not sure if you're interested to publish this on your website although it's not the 5687, as others have done..but goes.
      Attached herewith are some pics of the final up & running Foreplay preamp. The amp consists of the main stuff listed below. 1 pc Ultron gold pin 6CA4/EZ81 rectifier tu [ ... ]

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DISCREET MONICA: MISS RIGHT BLOODY FANTASTIC 30 June 2012, 15.09 yeo Learn, learn, learn...
DISCREET MONICA: MISS RIGHT BLOODY FANTASTIC by Graham and Denise Woods   [Graham and Denise, very graciously, offers to write a review comparing the various iterations of Monica all the way from Monica2 to Discreet Monica.
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I Found Miss Right! 06 April 2012, 11.37 yeo projects
dear monica over the years, you have given us sooooo much. words can't even describe the depth of emotions you have brought us, you have brought us to the pinnacles and depths of the human emotions. yes, we all know that music
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Discrete DAC 17 October 2011, 03.34 yeo projects
Geez, I have not been updating the site for a while but that doesn't mean I'm missing in action. It's just that I have been
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Rebuilding my system 10 June 2011, 12.44 yeo Learn, learn, learn...
Boy oh boy, my system has undergone lots of changes over the years but most have been the
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Old but Gold 24 May 2011, 09.24 yeo Learn, learn, learn...
Digital audio has come a long way. From the introduction of compact disc to today's high resolution media, we have indeed covered lots of bytes, err miles. Bearing this in mind, how does a "vintage" DAC chip of circa 1993 fare
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Beyonce in a Threesome? 22 February 2011, 02.33 yeo projects
Hmm... Who wouldn't want to engage Beyonce in a threesome?
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Let's pay some attention to our Digital Interface 05 January 2011, 08.45 yeo Learn, learn, learn...
How do you store your music? Vinyl? CD? Cassette tapes? PC? If you are using digital media, you'll use a DAC. Depending on how you store your music, this will have a bearing on how you interface this digital data out. Every
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Thank you, Mr Schumann! 05 January 2011, 08.44 yeo projects
Every once in a while, I get invited to visit diyer's home and listen to their setup. Most of the time I politely decline as my tin ears just isn't fit for such a task. You know, it's like asking a blind man to commend on a
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What's better than mojo? mojo2! 19 December 2010, 20.06 yeo projects
I know! It's been a long while but I assure you the wait is worth
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Reintroducing the Merrill DCA fullrange drivers! 07 December 2010, 06.59 yeo Learn, learn, learn...
Over the past 2 years, I have sold over 100 pairs of Merrill DCA fullrange drivers. I'm so impressed with them until I have even bought the rights to these drivers! Unfortunately I was told the factory has closed
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