Simple projects...


At this spot, I intend to bring you some simple interesting projects that should be fun, fun fun. There's nothing new here. All the ideas presented here are taken shamelessly off many sites, some ideas combined here and there but hopefully, still be able to cook up a nice dish. At the very least, palatable! :)

Note that I've steered away from normal "audio" tubes as they are simply too expensive! When those tubes are called for, I'll try my best to direct you to some vendors where you'll get good value. It's the least I could do...



Build a Cleaner Power Supply
Some folks call it Balanced Power Supply. Learn how to build one.

Linux Network Audio by Ole Schusseler
Wanna replicate a Squeezebox on Linux?

Computer Audio is Soooooo Much Fun!
Getting serious with computer audio!

My USB Convertor
Easiest step to computer audio

Let's Get Horny!
Everyone should build a horn for their single driver

Blood, Sweat, Tears and a Bloody Tan
Built a Hedlund Horn for my Coral Beta 6!

Grounded Grid Gain Stage
CY Liew `DAC Man's 5842 Grounded Grid Gain Stage. Works superbly with Monica2!

Waily goes Flat!
Waily builds an enclosure for his Coral Flat 8s.

Tripath - Class T amp
Probably the most impressive audio innovation in the last 50 years!

Asynchronous Reclocker for your DAC!
DIYer Tang shows you the way!

CDM12 Controller Kit
Add wings to your CDPRO2 or other DIY CDP!

Oh Corals!
some Coral enclosures for you

Match Made in Heaven: Batteries and Non-OS DACs
Oh yeah, you read that right...

Part Recommendation: Build your own Stepped Attenuator
Stepped Attenuators are Soooo Muchhhh Funnnn...

8x TDA1543 Non-Oversampling DAC
The Non-Oversampling DAC saga continues...

Build Your Own Macho CDP
The CDPRO2 has knocked me flat!

The Etude "12B4" Preamp
I love this preamp!

Da Blok 
Build your own DC Blocker and incorporate into your gears.

It's a Mod Mod Mod Mod World 
How I enjoy dissecting up amps...

Kwak Clock 
6DN7 SE amp 
Simple EL84 integrated/poweramp 
Building your own Power Supply  
A Non-Oversampling DAC for < RM20! 
Simple 5687-based preamp 
Pots for Penny Pinchers! 
CD player tweak that cost < RM2...  
Cheapest CD player tweak ever! 
Experimenter 45 
Experimenter 1626
12B4-based linestage preamp
5842-2A3 integrated/power amp
5965-2A3 integrated/power amp
Monkey Darling aka "My Darling is not a Monkey!"