CDM12 Controller

CDM12 Controller

Calv Acoustic Labs


Ever since I put up this CDM12 Controller Kit page more than a year ago, not a month goes by without folks asking for this kit. So Calv Acoustic Labs has decided to be serious about this baby.




The LCD display makes life easier. No more messing with another negative supply as you would have to do with the VFD display. Regular 5V is all you need, and it’s accessible from the main PCB via the ribbon cable. Nice…



The source code is sooooo versatile. Not only can you turbo charge your CDPRO2, if you have another transport lying around, you can add wings to him/her. ; ) This nifty kit is compatible with all Philips CDM12 PRO2 family loader; which includes CDM12 Ind., CDM12 Pro2 & CDM12 Pro2M. Also can be used with Philips Short-Loader. The Philips Short Loader Mk3 is used in the Marantz CD4000 and a few years ago was available for only USD30! Ha!


Assembly shouldn’t take you too long. Just be careful when assembling those tiny connectors/cables…


The 10kohm preset pot is used for adjusting the contrast of the LCD display. (especially useful for folks so crazy with audio that they forgot their eyesight is failing!) The power supply circuitry is also on the board so a tiny 6-0V transformer is all that you need. If you have a DC source, you could bypass this section and go straight to the 5V regulator. Easy…


Where is my mojo?



Like the CDM12 Controller kit before, the clever combination of holding certain controls will program your transport to output the required data format. The default is plain vanilla I2S.

Say you have DAC chips that interface in EIAJ 16-bit (say TDA1545), then just hold PLAY-PREV-NEXT buttons simulatenously during power up. The DSA

Or you wanna try EIAJ 16-bit 4FS (4x oversampling), then just hold PLAY-PREV-STOP buttons simulatenously during power up.
Clever huh?

Now your destiny to be next swashbuckling DAC master is finally in your control!

"Give me ANY DAC chip and I’ll make her sing!", you say.

No more fussing/fiddling around with digital receivers, SPDIF format etc. Oh yeah baby!

Full monty is available in this PDF document. Go ahead, you could download it to read it. It won’t bite, it’s FREE.

There you go! Have fun!


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