Built first speaker in years…

Gosh, it’s been years since I last built a pair of speakers. Admittedly, wood working is not my forte but I like to think with each build, I’m getting better. 🙂

Since we moved to this house a year ago, I bought a TV for the first time in 15 years. Didn’t bring over the CRT TV (my younger colleague doesn’t even know what is a CRT TV.)

So finally bought a TV few months back and what it needs is a proper TV cabinet plus proper playback system. What’s good with video when the audio sucks?

But then I don’t want TV cabinet plus 2 speaker boxes and a subwoofer, and all the attendant wires. How about combining the speakers into the TV cabinet?

Thus I set about on my quest for a TV cabinet cum 2.1 sound system. This means… I have to scale the mountains, reach the top and consult speaker guru Gabriel… who then blessed me with a 2.1 system cum TV cabinet. And thus, the coolie starts work…

First, timber strips were glued to form panels, then sawn, sanded and glued together.
As any wood worker will tell you, you will never have enough clamps. Thus have to bring in all the weights.

Front panel almost ready.

Front panel ready and DCA4 holes cut out.

On the bottom is a downward firing 10″ driver. This is a Beyma 10B-60 which I bought 15 years ago!

Stained, lacquered and ready to go! Please forgive the fat tummy in the reflection. I have on idea who is that…

Amplification is done by this 2.1 TPA3116 Class D amplifier. Damn, it has everything I need, adjustments for subwoofer volume, frequency, stereo channel frequency, master volume control…


Very pleased with the sound! Good design Gabriel!

The 2.1 amp allows a lot of adjustment on the cutoff frequency and balancing both volumes, so it’s really easy to adjust and get good sound. I didn’t need to adjust much at all. Hey, even a tone deaf fella like me can do it!

All in all, this 2.1 approach can work very well.

How do you approach your TV setup? Do leave comments. Thanks!

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