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So you need help building your preamp/amp and have no one to turn to? Or is your Significant Other pestering you to build those Ultra Cool stuffs at diyparadise but you don’t even know which end of the soldering iron to hold?

Have no fret! ‘Cause help is here! The PowerPoint files below (with PDF versions as well) has not only helped many a DIYer cooked up their own version of Ultra Cool Audio, they have been extremely educational too. Not to mention just downright entertaining clicking them slide by slide….

Best part is, the info below is free for you to download! The schematics, layout and even wiring diagram are all given FREE! No expensive E-books nonsense! This sure beats some of my competitors asking you $$ to purchase their lousy manuals. And stupid meaningless instructions like “connect point A to point B”. : )

As I spent some hours to build all this, I’ll appreciate your token of appreciation. And also, a note informing me what would you like to see more from diyparadise.



PPT PDF How to build the Simple 5687 preamp

PPT PDF How to build the Simple EL84 amp

PPT PDF How to build the 5842 Grounded Grid Tube Gain Stage


Thanks to all those Really Cool DIYERS for the PDF conversion!


Recommended enclosure plans for Merrill DCA4 and DCA5.5 drivers. Enclosure design courtesy of our resident speaker guru, Gabriel. These are simpler designs, great for DIYers. The horn poses a challenge though… Watch out for more interesting designs in future!


DCA4 Wide Baffle


DCA4 Transmission Line


DCA5.5 Transmission Line


DCA5.5 Double Horn


DCA5.5 Tuned Box


Merrill DCA4 and DCA5.5 driver and TC025 specifications.

Merrill DCA4, DCA5.5 and TC025 specs



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