The Beginning of the End of Fullrange Single Drivers

Why we are such horny bastards!

The Beginning of the End of…

the Fullrange Single Driver




When Gabriel built the mock-up cabinet, I asked him what does he think of the sound of the new Jordan JXr 6HD?

“It’s the Beginning of the End”.

Huh? Beginning of the End of?

“The Beginning of the End of the Fullrange Single Driver!”

If you are a single driver fan, you may be rubbing your hands in glee to read more.

If you are a multi-way fan, you may be yanking out your hair (or whatever’s left of) at such ridiculous statment!


You bet I’m the former!

After Gabriel passed me the cabinets on Friday night, I could only lacquer it on Saturday night. Yeah, time flies faster on weekends!

Then on the Seventh day of the week, it’s crunch time!




Jordan JXr 6HD in box.


“Father of Full Range”

Well, you know Ted Jordan designed the well known Goodmans Axiom 12 right? The JX6 definitely broke new ground with its bandwidth!

The pair in the box has the same serial number. They come in matched pairs. So no buying singles okay?

4 liter tower! Very slim, very sexy!

Due to the narrow baffle, could use a single solid wood plank here. Wood used here is Resak, very hard, very strong and very durable.

Why heck, you could use it to club your multi-way loving neighbour!




I first installed these beauties into my secondary system.

Right away they are magical! Wonderful sounding!

No harshness, no shouting, just sweet natural music.

[some folks pay 4x more moolah for speaker drivers that shout at them. i think this is sadist. you could pay me half the amount and i’ll shout at you!]Thus without further hesitating, plugged them into main system.




If you are building a satelite-sub combo, you can’t go wrong with the JXr!The highs is as glorious as a ribbon tweeter!

If you ever played with supertweeters, you know that the 30kHz reach here extends the soundstage as well.

My friend kept on commenting, no one will guess this is the sound from a 2-incher!



Man, I couldn’t help spinning CDs after CDs. Yes, a sub will help but forget it for now. Get your “high” here first. Ha ha!

Rarely do we get to listen to drivers of such calibre. Damnit, rarely do we come across one!

Rarely do we get “spooked”.

Rarely do we get “humbled” by 2-inchers.

Mr Ted Jordan, thank you Sir!

To cap off a splendid day, my wife commented, this box looks slim and nice. Perhaps we could use it as a bedroom system… I almost fell off my chair!

Do you think it’s a good idea to suggest a 6 feet subwoofer horn for an ultra-wide bandwidth system in the bedroom? Imagine 30-30kHz of audio ecstasy!

Perhaps I’m pushing my luck…


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