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DIY buddy YH Chow always says, “iron
is good for health” and now DIY Paradise can help you anaemics!  

So here you are, Canadian iron at close
to US prices. Even cheaper once you factor in shipping charges. Prices are per




Chokes Inductance Max DC Current DC Resistance Max Voltage  DIY Paradise/RM Weight
193C 20H 100mA 181 ohm 600V 130 1.48
193J 10H 200mA 82 ohm 800V 150 2.5
193K 2.6H 300mA 21 ohm 800V 150 1.48
193M 10H 300mA 63 ohm 800V 190 4.78!!!
naked ugly chokes
155C 60H 8mA 2750 ohm 400V 50.00 0.14
156C 150H 8mA 3700 ohm 400V 45.00 0.28
157G 30H 40mA 595 ohm 400V 80.00 0.46
157J 10H 65mA 205 ohm 400V 80.00 0.46
159P 10H 125mA 155 ohm 500V 80.00 1.03
159T 2.5H 300mA 43 ohm 500V 80.00 1.03

Enclosed chokes look great on top of the chassis.
Butt naked ones should go underneath, unless you want a “butt naked
ugly” look. Definitely something different from the crowd!

193J, 193K, 159P and 159T are great as power supply filters. In my modest
system, having a choke in the power supply moved the stage backwards, shrunk the
image down to more lifelike proportions, smoothened the mids and extended the
bass! What more can a man ask for????? 

that if you want low DCR, the 193K and 159T do this nicely for you. Less DCR,
less voltage drop, less waste. Choke benefits for your current hungry tube.

156C are meant to load your driver tube. The other alternative is, of course,
build your own current source but for purists who want no sand in their amps,
chokes is the way to go!

157G is an
inexpensive plate choke should you opt to go parafeeding. It could be used as
driver load too if you use THAT much current.


Enclosed Push-pull
Output transformers
Primary Impedance Power rating DIY Paradise/RM Weight
1608 8000 ohm 10W 180 1.14
1650P 6600 ohm 60W 280 3.64
1650H 6600 ohm 40W 310 2.95
1650R 5000 ohm 100W 320 5.5
1650F 7600 ohm 25W 290 1.82
Butt Naked Single
Ended Output Transformer
Primary impedance Max DC Current DIY Paradise/RM Weight
125ESE 2500/5000/10000
80mA 120 PRICE REDUCED 1.37
125GSE 2500/5000/10000
100mA 250 2.73
Enclosed Single
Ended Output Transformer
Primary impedance Max DC Current DIY Paradise/RM Weight/kg
1627SE 2500 ohm 160mA 360 5
1628SE 5000 ohm 120mA 360 5
1629SE 6500 ohm 100mA 370 5



All Hammond output transformers are built
with M6 grade laminations. These are pretty hard to come by locally. (That said,
if you know a source for M6 core, let me know…)

The 1650R is perfect for an
EL34 based PP
amp while the 1650F is great for EL84 PP. The 1650R is HUGE and HEAVY. Think I’m
kidding? Each weighs 12 pounds! Both models come with 4-8-16 ohm speaker and
Ultra Linear taps.

There is no better value
for SE amps than the 125ESE! Look at the primary impedance! This is a great
model for DIYers as you can use it to build a 2A3/300B/211 based SE amp. You can
have your own SE amp for less than RM1k! Serious! Believe me, this iron is good
enough for most people! Don’t listen to those who talk only about specs. They
listen to SOUND not MUSIC. Read this great review here.

you want to spend big money, then you need to spend above RM1000 for exotic
makes like Lundahl, Tango, Tamura etc. For real people with mouths to feed, car
loans and property mortgage, the 125ESE is a Godsend!

Adding to line-up is the 1627SE, 1628SE and now 1629SE. These are one step up from the 125ESE. The 125ESE has 3 faults, too cheap, too ugly and not much DEEP bass. The 1627/8SE are much nicer, bigger, heavier, more macho and has great bottom end extension. But they are twice the price of the 125ESE, so take your pick. Adding to the lineup is Hammond’s latest 125GSE.


Please write to enquire. You can estimate shipping charges here.
DIY Paradise is glad to pay up to RM5 shipping charges. As far as I know, no one
in the industry does this!  

information on Hammond chokes and output transformers is available from their
website. http://www.hammondmfg.com




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