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Darling Club

Welcome to the Darling Club.

The Original Darling

How it all began… "Papa Darling", Bob Danielak says…

I ran across a few of these tubes cheap in a surplus store. After looking up the characteristics, i thought i’d only be able to make a line-stage out of them.

Sat on the shelf for a while.

Later, i built an SE 12V6 (pentode) amplifier using 12SJ7 pentode driver. It sounded ok, but sounded much better when the 12V6 was triode connected. this amp put out <1W, but was suprisingly loud.

Then i remembered that the 1626 also used a 12.6V filament, and that its pin-out was identical to the 12V6 (except it had no screen). So i simply plugged it in to the 12V6 amp.

And the rest is history… 🙂



I’m sorry I have not been able to diligently update this page. You could join the Club directly now!

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The Darling…

Read Bob’s original Sound Practice Darling article here. Thanks to Joe Roberts!

Read Jeremy Epstein‘s wonderfully written Darling Fest’99.

The Darling was featured in

Schematics… You can find them at Bob Danielak’s. Please check out the various Darling Club members’ webpages too.

The version I built is modified by Shamsul Bahrin from Malaysia.

Free Lunch Darling by Papa Darling himself!

Check out my Experimental Darling page as well…

Matrix Darling!

More than out of this world… "My Darling is not a Monkey!"

Datasheets of 1626, 8532(6J4), and 5965(12AV7).

Update: April 2006 NEW!   
Darling iron sets now available!

Darling Club…

The Original Darling
Bob "Papa Darling" Danielak, USA

Jeremy Epstein’s DC Darling, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Gary Kaufman’s DC Darling, Boston, Massachussetts, USA

Tim Reese’s Double Darling, Boston, Massachussetts, USA

LD Moore’s Scrap Box DC Darling

Dion’s 1626SE Project, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, USA.

Tom Scoville’s Double Darling, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

Ed Faulkner’s Single Darling, Moscow, Idaho, USA.

Steven’s Sakuma Darling, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Arnaud Michotte’s Darling, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Aren van Waarde’s Double Darling, Zuidhorn, Netherlands.

Doug Forbes’ Standing Darling, La Crescenta, California, USA.

Shamsul Bahrin, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Kenneth Lau, Sandakan, Malaysia.

Timo’s MONSTER Darling, Bremen, Germany.
No kidding. On the left is the power supply while signal circuitry is on the right.

Yours truly! Naked Darling, Yeo, Penang, Malaysia.

Brian Wickman’s Stereo Darling, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Ed Fausto’s Stereo Darling, Manila, Philippines

Gabriel Voon’s Double Darling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kyle Kuroda’s DC Double Darling, Mililani, Hawaii, US.

Constantine Constas Darling, Athens, Greece.

Tom Laskowski’s DC Darling, Waterloo, Canada.

Vaughn Wright’s Darling, Los Angeles, California.

John Woldstad’s DC Double Darling, Renton, WA.

Paul Butterfield Audio’s DadaDarling. Love the mercury rectifier, love the artiness, love the duck!

Carsten’s SE Darling. Note the 300B is now a paper weight… Germany.

Erik "Dr Exotica on Audio Asylum" Hoel’s Darling Amp, Redlands, California, USA.

Johannes Lebong’s 5691 driver Darling amp, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Paul Radovan’s Darling, Brisbane, Australia.

Song Heng’s Darling, Singapore

CG Ew’s Darling, Batu Pahat, Malaysia

Johannes Lebong’s Ultra Fi Darling, Germany

Alexander Kriegel’s Darling, Germany

abraxasaudio’s Darling amp project, USA.

Wilson Santiago’s Darling, Hammond, Indiana, USA. Built from a cigar box!

Philip Barrett’s Little Darling, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Tom McNally’s Darling, Atlantic City, NJ, USA.

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