Monkey Darling!

NOT “My Darling is a Monkey!” 



This is adapted from Thosten Loesch’s Full Monkey featuring the 5842 driving a 300B.

The simplicity and use of so few components is really inviting. Very very tempted to build… Beware though, unlike most tube designs, component values here is quite “tight” and may need some fine-tuning.

Circuit description is quite a mouthful…

“Ultrapath choke-loaded driver stage, direct reactance/’Free Lunched’, direct-coupled to output tube which is ‘Monkeyed’, ‘Ultrapathed’ and ‘Parafed’.”

Phew! Note that Ultrapath or Parafeed is of course, optional.

Most direct-coupled circuits commit suicide when the input tube goes bust, resulting in extensive damage to output tube and in some cases, even to power transformers. If you “forgot” to put a fuse in your amp, it might even bring down your house. Now your Monkey is a BIG MEAN KING KONG.

This Monkey Darling is safe though due to it’s “Monkey” design.

That said, bass performance might suffer due to insufficient loading on driver tube. Shouldn’t be a problem down to 40Hz though… Changing driver tube to lower rp types like 5842 will rectify this. Adjust resistors for 5842 operating points.

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