Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends



Most items on this page no longer available. Check out the store.diyparadise.com, Clearance category for such parts.

Yup, odds and ends. Some are stuffs that I have acquired but forgot what to do with them. Some however, are such great deals, you’ll be daft to pass up. Click on pics for larger image.



Wood chassis with nickel top plate. 17.5″ x 15″ x 4″. RM100.


Nippon Chemi-con 12000uF/100VDC Big Macho “Stud” Electrolytic Cap. RM30 each.


Nippon Chemi-con 2200uF/400VDC Big Macho “Stud” Electrolytic Cap. RM30 each.


MK Tough Plug. Hospital Grade. 2 pieces only. RM26 each.


Ferrite clamps. You know what are these for! 12 pieces. RM12 each.


Power trans wound for my 12B4 “Etude” preamp. Usable for Simple 5687 preamp as well. Used. RM40.


This pair of output transformers came from a World Audio Design KT88 Parallel Single Ended amp. Yours for RM200.


Nice industrial grade chassis for your CDP/DAC/Amp project. Or whatever project you can think of. RM50.


15A 120VAC Wiremold Multiple Power Outlet. RM40.


NOS Mullard EF86. Some customer asked me to get for him. I did, but he didn’t keep his word. Ah! The perils of the tube business… 2 pieces. Asking for what I paid for. RM150 each.


NOS paper in oil capacitors. 5687 tube beside for size comparison purpose. (you can see the photog)

Gudeman 0.56uF/600VDC. 4 pieces. RM40 each.

Sprague Vitamin Q 0.1uF/600VDC. 4 pieces. RM25 each.




Matsushita 12AX7. Bought NOS. Never used, so it’s still NOS. Have 2 pieces only. Asking for what I paid for, RM40 each.


Please check also Consignment Sale page.




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