Squeeze me!


Squeeze me!



I’m having too much fun!





Sorry folks, I have been having too much fun lately. So much so that I haven’t bothered with my own job. Have been playing too much with this device, have forego sleep/food/sex and have even called in sick!

So I MUST tell you about this little device that has given me sooooooo much fun! (No, no, no, it’s not a little blue pill)

Well, word has it that it all began in 2001, when a bunch of guys got together and made this “thingie”.


If you went Oooohhhh and Aaaaahhhh over the above, then you are a confirmed GEEK. (not too bad about being a geek as they usually get the last laugh. like the biggest geek of all, that bill gates guy…)


4 generations later, in 2006…



Oooohhhh… Aaaaahhhh…

What? Never heard of the Squeezebox? Well, I certainly couldn’t do a better review than Mark Lanctot here. http://www.abxzone.com/abx_reviews/fraoch2/article_p1.html

Go ahead, read the page. The link opens up in a new window.

Take your time, I’ll wait here.



Done? All 6 pages? That’s fast! Now you know why I’m having so much fun?


To add to the above, be prepared for these lifestyle changes!



I burn less calories these days. No more having to get up and change the CD.

Repetitive Stress Syndrome and your thumb will be acquainted soon.

Channel surfing? How about music surfing? Kashmir to Carmina Burana to Black Magic Woman in seconds!

No more straining your eyes, with your head leaning sideways scanning your CD racks for a particular CD!

Read BBC news, CNET blogs and check how well your stocks are doing while listening to music. Who said men can’t multi-task?



A week later with the Squeezebox, I impressed even myself! My wife is impressed I could multi-task better than any guy she knows. My friends are impressed I have up-to-date news/info at my finger tips. My doctor is impressed I no longer have neck aches (and my over-developed thumb). My tailor is impressed i need new pants now to fit my expanding waistline. My neighbours are so impressed they want their own Squeezebox to tap into my music collecton!

As you can see, this is soooooooo much fun! Everybody together now: SSSSSQUEZEEEEEE MMEEEEE!!!!!


DIY Paradise is the Malaysian reseller for the Squeezebox. Malaysian customers, place your order here! http://store.diyparadise.com.




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