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For folks with 2 left thumbs!


"Honey I bought you a jewellery box" series



SeTH horn using Jordan JX92


New Improved TA2020 based Class T amplifier!

TA2020 based Class T amplifier



Autoformer Volume Control

Monica 3!!!

Monica does USB!
No soundcard needed. Forget about other audiophile soundcards!

TDA1545A based Non Oversampling DAC with Asynchronous Reclocking *** HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED, SUCEEDED BY MONICA3***


My USB Convertor

USB Convertor – no soundcard needed – converts from USB to SPDIF/I2S


Jordan Fullrange Drivers

Jordan JX92, Jordan JXr 6HD


Coral Fullrange Drivers

NOS Coral 8A-40.


Mundorf Audio Capacitors

Auricap Polypropylene Capacitors CLOSEOUT!
0.1uF 600V   RM38   last 1 piece.
0.22uF 600V   RM42   last 3 pieces.
0.33uF 600V   RM46   last 1 piece.
0.47uF 600V   RM50   last 1 piece.

Elna Cerafines Electrolytic Capacitors
47uF 100V   RM10
100uF 100V   RM16
220uF 100V   RM30

Electrolytic Capacitors
F&T – Made in Germany to LCR specs
Radial 50+50uF/500V   RM55
Axial 100uF/450V   RM36
JJ 500uF/500V Can Capacitor   RM50


Promitheus Iron Sets for Tube Amps


Hammond 1629SE   RM700 a pair



JJ ECC81/12AT7   RM45
JJ ECC82/12AU7   RM45
JJ GZ34/5AR4   RM70
Ei ECC81/12AT7   RM34
Ei ECC83/12AX7   RM34

Ei Elite Gold Pin ECC82/12AU7   RM55
Ei Elite Gold Pin ECC83/12AX7   RM55
Ei Elite Gold Pin 6DJ8   RM60
Valve Art 845   RM180
JAN Philips 5687   RM40

RCA/Sylvania/GE 5687   RM50
Tungsol 5687   RM80
GE/Sylvania 7044   RM70
GE 5 star 5965   RM45
6N1P-EB   RM40

8532 Sylvania JAN   RM40
GE JAN 5670W/2C51   RM45
GE 6688/E180F   RM45
Amperex Gold Pin 7788/E810F   RM150
RCA/GE 6EU7   RM120
Amperex Gold Pin 6GM8/ECC86   RM60   Runs on B+ 24V!

Mullard EF86   RM150
GE, Sylvania 6SN7GTB   RM90
Tungsol 6SN7GTB   RM250
NOS Sylvania 6B4G. 6V version of 2A3 with octal mount. RM110
NOS Tungsol 5881. The Real Deal! RM300
Ei EZ80   RM45
GE 6X4   RM45
Tungsol 6X4W   RM55
GE/RCA/Sylvania 5U4GB   RM70



Ceramic gold-plated 7-pin for likes of 6X4   RM10
Phenolic tin-plated 7-pin for likes of 6X4   RM8
Excellent Quality Ceramic gold-plated 9-pin for likes of 12AX7   RM25
Excellent Quality Ceramic gold-plated 8-pin for likes of EL34   RM35
Good Quality Ceramic gold-plated 4-pin for likes of 2A3   RM35

Good Quality Ceramic 4-pin for likes of 845   RM45
PCB mount Good Quality Ceramic gold-plated 9-pin for likes of 12AX7   RM15
PCB mount Good Quality Ceramic gold-plated 8-pin for likes of EL34   RM20
Tagboard for construction of tube preamp/power amp.   RM15
5/7/8 section Tags.   RM2/RM2.50/RM3.


Misc Semiconductor Parts

TDA1543   USD2/RM8
TDA1543A   USD2/RM8
TDA1545A   USD3.50/RM12
CS8414 on adaptor PCB to convert to thru-hole 28 pins like CS8412 USD23
Panasonic FC 47uF16V "Low Impedance"   RM1
Ferrite bead   RM4 for 10 pieces.


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