1545 DAC Kit – “Monica 2″dear monica

1545 DAC Kit – “Monica 2”


Dear yeo,
You bastard!

You ruined my life with your non-os dac! Now I can’t listen to conventional dacs anymore. Makes me puke! With your dac, I feel much closer to the music. More natural, more organic, more grazioso, more music… more… like you said it, mama mia!

But what’s next? Surely some of your customer-friends asked you this right? Surely this is not all that you got?

Thank God you invited me over to listen to the new version!

I did as you said and tried out that little squarish thingie [that’s an oscillator, my dear] 50MHz first, then 80MHz.

You were right. 50MHz was already an improvement over the current dac but 80MHz was…. ooooohhhhh…. amazing! Yes! Yes!

I don’t understand how and why but you worked magic!

Now I’m more than ruined.

I can’t go out, I can’t listen to my friends’ systems. I can’t even do anything without listening to music through your dac.

And that’s why I hate you.




dear monicaplease forgive me.

it’s never my intention to ruin your life with this non-os dac. what more with the new version.

the only difference over the previous version is that :

i. it uses cs8414 chip instead of the already-extinct cs8412.

ii. the pcb is silver plated instead of tin plated.

iii. it has asynchronous reclocking of the 3-wire eiaj signals.

and yes, the higher the freq of the oscillator, the better it sounds. the highest i could source here is 80mhz so if i find any higher freq than that, you know whom i’ll send to. ; )

to up the “mojo factor”, die-hard diyers (you know who you are!) can just purchase the “eiaj reclocked” kit, which is essentially half of this board, and swing any eiaj-based dac chip of choice. hey, have i got your attention?

again, my sincere apologies.



Monica2 is now succeeded by Monica3!



Monica2 PCB   USD25 (RM90)

Monica2 PCB with surface moounted chips soldered on   USD50 (RM180)

you need to get the other parts yourself

Assembled/tested Monica2   USD125 (RM450)

as of June 2006, assembled/tested Monica2 is supplied with only power supply wires soldered on

TDA1545A   USD3.50 (RM12)


To help you “roll your own” Monica2…

CS8414 on adaptor PCB to convert to thru-hole 28 pins like CS8412   USD23 (RM80)

Panasonic FC 47uF 16V “Low Impedance”   USD0.40 (RM1)

Panasonic FM 220uF 25V “Low Impedance”   USD1 (RM3.50)

Ferrite bead   USD1.20 (RM4) for 10 pieces


Fedex shipping is prefered. For shipping weight below 0.5kg,

Fedex to USA/Canada is USD17.

Fedex to most parts of Europe is USD25.

Order directly from our e-Store! http://store.diyparadise.com


Stuffing guide


For More Mama Mia! Recommended gain stage for Monica2 — Grounded Grid Tube Gain Stage



For EVEN More Mama Mia! Recommended gain stage for Monica2 — Rudolf Broertjes’ SS I/V Gain Stage



Other Monica related pages, Cloning Monica.




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