Beautiful Eva

Many diyers have commented how good sounding the Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) based volume control is. The strength is in purity of tone, without sacrificing much on dynamics. Many also tried to build a stereo unit but just couldn’t get the stereo balance done right.

Have no fret as here we present you, our Beautiful Eva.


Beautiful Eva


Eva is as pure as it gets.


As mentioned before in a separate article, All About Volume Control, we have compared her against many transformer volume controls (TVCs) and she has beat them all. To the extent that we had to discontinue our own Maggie.


The LDRs are not manufactured to tight specs. As such for the diyer, building a stereo unit, it’s difficult to achieve tight Right/Left channel balance. To solve the channel imbalance problem, a micro-controller controlled, calibrated current is used here. Needless to say, programming and calibrating is quite a pain.


But hey, what pain we haven’t gone through just to bring you more music?!


Since we use a micro-controller here, it only makes sense to add in remote control feature!


As before, she comes in beautiful hand crafted teak wood chassis. Matching chassis with Monica and Charlize.


Spme pertinent Technical Specs. Input impedance is 50kOhm here. 23 steps in 2dB increments.






There you go girl, Beautiful Eva!


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