Beyonce! Beyonce!

The volume control I could live with!

Raise your hand if you are a fan of Beyonce.

If not yet, that’s because you haven’t heard her sing yet!


This applies to our Beyonce too!



In a previous article, I wrote about the various forays into volume controls. Well, it wasn’t just those few mentioned. Over the years, have tried out Alps pots, DACT (not in my system though), Transformer Volume Controls, Autoformer Volume Controls, even nickel cores blah blah blah…


Each has its strengths, each has its magic, and each has its pitfalls. Hey, I know if I keep on fussing about volume controls, then life would be at a standstill. There’s just too much to play out there!


But I can settle on one now. Hey, which guy wouldn’t want to settle down with Beyonce?





Well, Beyonce is based on Texas Instruments’ PGA2311, described as a “Stereo Audio Volume Control”. It’s digitally controlled, that’s why we have that big bad micro-controller onboard. In future, I’ll be teaching this big bad fella more tricks. Yeah, give you more features!


This chip is capable of gain and attenuation in the range of +31.5dB to -95.5dB. However, Beyonce is only programmed from -35dB to +31dB so a display of
“00” means Mute (or -95dB),
“01” means -35dB,
“02” for -34dB and so on, in steps of 1dB. If for some reason, you have a need for -63.5dB or -88.5dB or some numbers outside this range, or you prefer steps of 0.5dB, let me know. I’ll happily customize for you and make your pay!


Input impedance is 10kOhm. At the moment, upon powering up, she starts off with Mute. If need to, I could revise the program to remember the last setting. Some day…


Oh yeah, PCB is using black solder mask (Hey, black is the new Gold) and pads are silver plated. Still lead free and very easy to solder.


Power wise, there are onboard +5/-5VDC voltage regulators so you need to provide her >+7/-7VDC. Don’t go above 20VDC though as even though she’s a hot girl, you don’t want her to get too hot until you can’t handle her.


She’s supplied as an assembled/tested PCB module for now. FOR NOW.


Along with the remote control (which could be used for another -future- product), and the Molex connectors for the power supply. If you need the molex connectors for the signal wiring too, just ask for it.



Input/Output as well as Power Supply connections are labeled onboard BUT do confirm your DC voltages are correct before you plug her in. I didn’t install any protection diodes onboard so please please be careful OK?


Okay, that’s all for now. Got to go shake my booty with Beyonce!


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