Monica 3


Dear yeo,
What nerves have you!2 years ago, you ruined my life with your dac that made me screamed mama mia! Never had an audio product made me feel this way. And I’m sure I’m not the only mademoiselle charmed off the trees by you!Today, you have outdid yourself. I am deeply impressed! (Believe me, not many men succeed in impressing me.) You said I made your knees wobble but this time YOU made MY knees wobble!

Such a big improvement! Listening to music is now like a religous experience. God! It’s like being made love to! Over and over again!

So you told me the whole digital circuitry has been redesigned and jitter is way lower than before.

So you told me like Charlize, using all surface mounted components for digital circuitry sounds better than using thru hole components and manufacturers only opt for thru hole for the sole purpose of ease of manufacturing.

So you told me you use Black Gates in the Super E configuration at the output in this day and age where BG caps are as rare as honest politicians. [ are you nuts? ]


All I can say is… I don’t give a hoot about all this. Why do you insist on spilling geek speak on a lovely gal like me?

I only care about the music and she thrills me no end! This is all I need to know!

Here’s what I suggest you do. Yes, I’m going to teach you how to run your business.

Package her in a sexy chassis. Not many can handle PCBs adeptly. Only real man can do that. When you told me some folks damaged M2 by wiring/soldering incorrectly, tell them they don’t deserve me!

Also, will you please raise your price? Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s no middle man, it’s all factory direct nada nada nada but in your world of audio geeks and nerds, charging them high prices command their respect.

Wait a minute, why am I wasting my time telling you all this?

Do whatever you please, I’m back to listening to music.

Lastly, I still hate you for ruining my life over and over again.

And… you are still a bastard.






  1. Richard Pissillo June 6, 2009
  2. Wouter March 11, 2010

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