Actually all the info on this page no longer valid. Go to my e-store for updated list of stuffs that I sell.


My day job boss asked me to relocate. So I’ll be moving soon to the bright lights of Kay El. So asking the help of you guys (my night job bosses) to give a home to these items…


Quantity Item Normal Sale
8 6C45 RM72 RM62
8 Philips Jan 6922 RM40 RM32
10 Sovtek 6BM8 RM34 RM25
12 JJ E34L matched quad RM240 RM190
8 JJ 6L6 matched pair RM140 RM125
16 Svetlana EL34 RM50 RM40
20 Svetlana 6550C RM100 RM72
14 8 GE/Sylvania/RCA 12B4A RM23
8 156C, 150H, 8MA RM45 RM38
10 6 157G, 30H, 40MA RM80 RM60
6 4 159T, 2.5H, 300MA RM80 RM58
4 2 193J, 10H, 200MA RM150 RM130
3 1 193K, 2.6H, 300MA RM150 RM135
Output Trans
10 8 125ESE, 2.5K/5K/10K, 80MA RM120 RM100
4 125GSE, 2.5K/5K/10K, 100MA RM250 RM200
4 1627SE, 2.5K, 160MA RM350 RM320
4 1629SE, 6.6K, 100MA RM370 RM300
6 1650P, 6.6K, 60W RM280 RM250
1650H, 6.6K, 40W RM310 RM270
10 Mundorf MKP 47uF/400VDC RM70 RM58


Make an offer for my Hammer Dynamics speaker, Simple EL84 amp.

Make an offer for anything else you need but not listed on this page. At my current state of mind, I may do stupid things…


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